Monday, October 17, 2011

When I Grow Up

You ever have an image of what life is going to be like when you're a grown up? I always thought that I would be a grown up when I graduated college; what a lie that was. Even though I'm a hot mess now, here's a list of things I think adulthood is like.
1. I'm going to pay bills on time and actually have a savings.
2. I'll  have folders and desk drawers dedicated to things like, bills, mortgages, budget, supplies. Shit like that.
3. My house will always be clean, with fresh flowers that are delivered weekly. Somehow I can't seem to keep my bedroom clean now, but when I grow up, the bed will always be made.
4. Dinner parties will be hosted and it will only take me 2 hours to prepare, and my guests will all arrive on time.
5. I will have ample time in my schedule for leisurely activities such as walking my dog, crocheting, making ice cream from scratch, gardening, volunteering at the old folks home.
6. All my clothes will be tailored and dry cleaned. I won't have to search through my hamper for the proper bra for a certain outfit.
7. I will have a planner.
8. I would never eat take out.
9.  I will only wear heels.
10. I'd be happy.


  1. can you handle all of those things for me too?


  2. i'll arrive on time if you actually cook for me... bitch.... yea i'm still mad about it

  3. can you get a planner please?