Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So i'm about to get sentimental. Sorry. I know that's so unlike me. But on the heels of my "best friends are bitches" post, I had to shout out one bitch in particular. Dongbanger. You may know her as Jo from my previous post, but this bitch is the creme de la creme. We met during study abroad and, as you can guess, things didn't go as smoothly as one would hope. However, we managed to cross that hurdle with a night that will forever be known as "cat-pee night". While I'm not completely sure what happened that night, I do know that I was building a bond with her that would last a lifetime.
Since our days peeing at the Eiffel Tower and country-hopping, we've gone through a lot. I look back on the past year and can't believe how much we've grown and how much closer we've become. I remember reading The Babysitters' Club and watching Full House and thinking that while they were having tons of fun, life wasn't really like that. There weren't those hug and cry moments that were accented with smooth jazz. Every fight didn't end in a thirty minute format.
However, when I think about my relationship with Jo, it does have that television feel. It's one of those friendship that make cinematic gold like Beaches, although which one of us is Bette Midler is still questionable. She's my ride or die chick and one of my biggest supporters. I can definitely tell her anything and I would do anything for her. Don't get me wrong, she's still a bitch, but she's my bitch. That's fucking love.
Will we be friends forever? Yes! That's one of the few relationships that I feel certain about. I can't seem to get rid of this heifer. Thank God for that. So when we start our production company and begin filming the reality show "My Big Fat Korean Catholic Wedding", you'll know why I continue to suffer around unattractive boys and their overbearing mothers. It's because she's worth it. Plus I love me a hot Korean boy. Yum. If you see one, send them my way!!

Bisous Bitches!

she's gonna get so gassed from this post...crap


  1. OMG... i just wrote a long ass comment and it "error-d" me

  2. i'm trying to recreate my 1st attempt... if round 2 doesnt work... im gna stop trying... YOUR LOSS!


    you FINALLY make a shout out post for me and make me find it myself??? you WOULD make it difficult... B*******TCH!

    i'm sure it'll annoy the hell out of your avid readers but im gonna write an obnoxiously long comment :)

    1. confession- i have no recollection of what actually happened on cat pee night. the memories i fake having are based on the album... and the world should know that prior to cat pee night, i had no desire to be your friend.

    2. i know we're cutes and totes full house but that it's too 90s and wont sell anymore... i propose we send a sizzle reel of us together on any given night and include clips from our hit radio show E BUZZ to the producers of jersey shore.

    3. im not sure which of us will sell out and which will struggle to live the dream yet, but i'd like to be bette middler in hocus pocus... you can be sjp... or jwoww to my snooki? bridget to my holly?

    4. you're always trying to get rid of me.. and i'm pretty sure you're dropping words like "forever" because you know 2012 is upon us... but you should also know you're my emergency contact for like everything so you're pretty much stuck with me for LIFE... that said... if you try to punch me or any fetuses i may bear... you will have to visit me at the ER yourself.

    5. according to hannahlim (who adores you and would approve of you marrying eric even though i dont) this is the prettiest im ever gonna be... so if we're gonna do 3 seasons plus the wedding special.. we need to start production ASAP. so... as i was yelling at you in sticky loud bar- you need to up your koreancatholictallhandsomeathleticmusicalsuccessful manhunt game because the clock is tickin... i look forward to 4/7.

    bisous <3

  3. hahah e-buzz. i miss it. short-lived but awesome. I'm pretty sure you're going to be the sell out and I'm banking on it because that's how I fund my first movie.

    AMEN for Hannah Lim.

    the hunt has begun.

    I'm so glad I was able to sneak this post by you.

  4. omg i reread this post and it still makes me tear up.

    I <3 YOU.